A new post at Concrete Dust, entitled, Strike Up the Band And Get Your Decorative Concrete Biz in the Parade, talks about a post over at Groov-E-News entitled, Decorative Concrete Engraving and the 4th of July

The premise is that participating in events such as parades held in your decorative concrete service area can give you positive exposure to potential customers while they enjoy their celebration.

You can make a complicated float for the parade or you can use the ‘quick and dirty’ suggestions in the blog to become a self-contained parade float.  You can also participate in the sponsorship of prizes to event ‘royalty’ or winning parade floats.

Market or do without. It’s that simple.  Find ways to reach your potential customer and become a positive household word.



With web 2.0 and social media being all the rage right now, and everyone from your teenage daughter to your spouse telling you you have to get on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever, you can get pretty overwhelmed.

On one hand, it all looks like a bunch of kid-stuff with no redeeming value – just games and time-wasters.

On the other hand everyone is telling you to send them messages, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook (from your long-lost high school pal to the local weatherman) so that you can be instantly updated when a blizzard is heading your way, or someone’s cat has just rolled over in a cute fashion.

How in the world can a mess like this actually help you get more business?

I’m going to show you a very simple and easily maintained marketing plan, that you can use in your decorative concrete business using social media, but I’m only going to concentrate on the current big 3 social media sites.

By only using these three, your attention is evenly spread in a manageable and non-stressful way with the maximum of return on investment of time and energy.

And it’s also a lot of fun.

If you don’t already have accounts, go setup accounts at Facebook.com, Twitter.com and Youtube.com – it’s free and easy, and starting next week, I’m going to show you how you can use these three social media powerhouses to get more traffic to your own decorative concrete business website (if you have a website, but the nice thing about social media is you don’t absolutely have to have a website of your own), and get more customers as well.

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