Concrete Dust had a post about another recent article on Groov-E-News telling about ways to use the Wasp which is part of the KaleidoCrete system for engraving on concrete.

The wasp is easy to use and effective for touch-ups and fine work as well as freehand designs.  Using one impacting stylus called a stinger and buzzing with compressed air power, the name is quite appropriate.


There are some special things to consider concerning the Wasp which is part of the  KaleidoCrete System from Engrave-A-Crete. View a video clip at Groov-E-News, the official blog for Engrave-A-Crete. Inc.

When using a Wasp, treat the tool as you would a sharp pencil. Pressing down too hard when angled is likely to break the tip of the tool.

When cutting with a Shark or Barracuda be sure to angle the tool slightly towards the template edges to maintain a crisp cut line in your final work.

Your body weight is usually sufficient to hold the template in position while you are engraving. But be sure to stand or kneel close to the area you are engraving to limit template lift.

For vertical cutting, mount templates using concrete anchoring screws. Failure to maintain continuous movement of a kaleidocrete tool will result in unsightly deviations in cutting depth.

Purchase the DVD Mastering Concrete Engraving, The Basics to see this series in its entirety.

Kaleidocrete Systems include a mid-sized Mochton impactor called Barracuda that is very useful for engraving decorative designs on existing concrete.

Recently, two accessories were developed at Engrave-A-Crete, Inc, the inventor and manufacturer of the Barracuda, which permit even more efficiency and comfort of use for the engraving tool.

The Stand-Up Extension Kit extends the reach of the Barracuda so that users can stand instead of kneel to engrave design templates available from Engrave-A-Crete.

Barracuda Stand-Up Extension Kit

Barracuda Stand-Up Extension Kit

The reasonably priced extension kit can be up and running within minutes after delivery.

When engraving concrete, the concrete dust is always a concern and issue.  The second development for the Barracuda is the Vacuum

Barracuda Vacuum Attachment Accessory

Barracuda Vacuum Attachment Accessory

Accessory.  The Vacuum system is attached to the Barracuda and to a shopvac hose which directs grinding dust to the vacuum and into containment.

You can learn more at the Engrave-A-Crete blog.