ConcreteDust posted a review of a post, entitled Jim Peterson of asks “Where are we now?”  in Groov-E-News featuring a  newsletter from Jim Peterson, president of regarding the current state of construction and what concrete people could expect.  The opinion suggests that remodeling is picking up and will continue to do so.

ConcreteDust takes the thoughts a little further, challenging decorative concrete engravers to make efforts to get the news about their skill in front of the end user.

Homeowners will choose remodeling through various motivations, all of could give some ideas to the decorative concrete engraver.   Additionally, there are organizations and alliances with other construction fields that offer listings on their directory and can lead to referrals for the engraver


Concrete Dust had a post about another recent article on Groov-E-News telling about ways to use the Wasp which is part of the KaleidoCrete system for engraving on concrete.

The wasp is easy to use and effective for touch-ups and fine work as well as freehand designs.  Using one impacting stylus called a stinger and buzzing with compressed air power, the name is quite appropriate.

Chip Cheagle is writing a series of posts at the Engrave-A-Crete, Inc website and blog, Groov-E-News.  The posts feature the aspects of the Super Compact when engraving concrete.  The Super Compact can be used for many patterns, but the favorites seem to be Tile, Borders, Free Form Serpentine and specific geometric patterns.

The Super Compact with Box

The Super Compact with Box

The Super Compact offers efficient, time-saving options using track free cutting.  There are times when track free cutting is the only way to get into all the parts of a particular pattern.

In addition to information about the cutting capabilities of the Super Compact when engraving decorative patterns on existing concrete, the series of posts are about the set up and operation of the Super Compact.

Each part of this series is taken from the DVD entitled “Mastering Concrete Engraving | The Basics” which can be purchased online by clicking on the link.  Or you may call 1-800-884-2114 to order.

Kaleidocrete Systems include a mid-sized Mochton impactor called Barracuda that is very useful for engraving decorative designs on existing concrete.

Recently, two accessories were developed at Engrave-A-Crete, Inc, the inventor and manufacturer of the Barracuda, which permit even more efficiency and comfort of use for the engraving tool.

The Stand-Up Extension Kit extends the reach of the Barracuda so that users can stand instead of kneel to engrave design templates available from Engrave-A-Crete.

Barracuda Stand-Up Extension Kit

Barracuda Stand-Up Extension Kit

The reasonably priced extension kit can be up and running within minutes after delivery.

When engraving concrete, the concrete dust is always a concern and issue.  The second development for the Barracuda is the Vacuum

Barracuda Vacuum Attachment Accessory

Barracuda Vacuum Attachment Accessory

Accessory.  The Vacuum system is attached to the Barracuda and to a shopvac hose which directs grinding dust to the vacuum and into containment.

You can learn more at the Engrave-A-Crete blog.

The connection between home improvements and concrete as an entrepreneurial opportunity for women has become perfectly clear to several female business owners, according to a recent article, “Women in Concrete — Engraving, That is”, published this week.

The tools designed and manufactured by Engrave-A-Crete® are working for entrepreneurial women already, as noted in a recent blog post at Groov-E-News, “Women Owned Decorative Concrete

Chip Cheagle wrote a blog post over at Engrave-A-Crete’s blog Groov-E-News that tells about a new tool accessory being introduced.

Extend Your Tool With Engrave-A-Crete’s Newest Accessory tells about the new extension bar for the Barracuda engraving tool.  The bars are about to go into product and are being offered at a pre-order discount for a short time.

You can find contact information at the blog post and move forward with decorative concrete engraving without getting such a crick in your back!

Paul DelFino wrote a guest post over at Engrave-A-Crete’s Groov-E- News blog about the reasons that NOW would be a good time to go ahead and start a business.  Sounds kind of risky to step out right now during a recession…how could decorative concrete be a good possibility?

Paul puts forth some good points backed by data in “Why Now Could be The Best Time to Start a Concrete Engraving Business“.