ConcreteDust posted about a introductory post at Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete for the new decorative concrete kit from EAC.  The new kit, added to a growing stable to kits, is called the Basketball Court Creator Kit

The kit contains the necessary concrete engraving tools — Mongoose and Wasp, plus layout instructions and some other small accessories and a cute online video showing how to get it right.

The thinking decorative concrete engraver will quickly recognize that these tools can be used for other decorative concrete engraving designs on driveways, patios, floors and walls.  An opportunity to make the tools pay for themselves over and over.

The kit is available at Engrave-A-Crete‘s secure online store or by calling 800-884-2114 to order




Concrete Dust writes about the Cobra cutting tool and the Groov-E-News humorous comparison of this tool and other Cobra entities, such as the King Cobra snake, Carroll Shelby’s AC-Cobra engine and the Cobra helicopter. The speculation is that there is shared powerful DNA.

The Cobra concrete cutting tool is not a snake, but it is an efficient, versatile and appealing piece of equipment.  It doesn’t dance to a flute, but it can be led in a circle dance cutting brick shapes or other geometric shapes using the center pivot accessory with connecting bars.   Clever directional wheels make using this tool to create decorative concrete even more wonderful.

Concrete Dust had a post about another recent article on Groov-E-News telling about ways to use the Wasp which is part of the KaleidoCrete system for engraving on concrete.

The wasp is easy to use and effective for touch-ups and fine work as well as freehand designs.  Using one impacting stylus called a stinger and buzzing with compressed air power, the name is quite appropriate.

Concrete Dust wrote about a product that has been in development for awhile, but which has finally gotten to market.

For dedicated do-it-yourself-ers and professionals, the Concrete Makeover Kit brings very nearly everything needed to transform an ugly slab of existing exterior concrete into beautiful flagstone.

check it out