Concrete Dust wrote a post about this decorative concrete opportunity to clean up for yourself on the Clearance Page at Engrave-A-Crete, having learned about it through Groov-E-News.

End of the year tax benefits for acquiring new tools make the possibilities look even more inviting.  In addition, there are some gently used tools from the 2011 Discovery and Training Seminars


Concrete Dust wrote a blog post regarding an article at Groov-E-News about two concrete businesses joining resources to produce decorative concrete engraved floors for one which became an instant show room for the engraver.

If we could all work together like these two companies, the world would be a better place.

Decorative concrete engraving for the first company resulted in beautiful, useful floors instead of carpet or tile.  The second company creates this art for a business.  Imagine making all that cool stuff and getting paid for it.

Concrete Dust wrote a blog post about multiple posts on Groov-E-News regarding the gunk removal prowess of Blastin’ Betty, the shot blast star of Blast Force Systems ™.

According to these posts and videos, Betty removes old, hardened epoxy, mysterious substances, old gray paint and carpet glue.  There is still time to go over to Groov-E-News and make a suggestion for difficult material that you would like to see taken off.

Concrete Dust wrote a blog post about the new Bello Imperial Flooring system referring to a post at Groov-E-News, official blog for Engrave-A-Crete.

The new system involves using pigmented epoxy to create a super high-gloss finish that turns plain gray concrete into a low maintenance floor resembling polished marble or granite.

Students at the January 2011 Discovery and Training Seminar will be trying the system as did those attending the October and November seminar sessions

Decorative Concrete Engravers Do It Groovy has a new post about articles which indicate that as the economy makes steady growth, there will be more remodeling work.

Concrete Dust wrote about a recent post at Groov-E-News featuring Outdoor Hidden Treasures of Breaux Bbridge, Louisiana. The project is an outdoor kitchen with a beach theme.  The kitchen is named Margaritaville. The first intent was to simply engrave nearby floors, but with the creative addition of beach and sea, plus a margarita glass, the project grew to the full kitchen and a fire pit.   The pictures are stunning.

Outdoor Hidden Treasurers offers decorative concrete engraving services using tools from Engrave-A-Crete and stains, sealers and other supplies from Concrete Resurrection.

Concrete Dust wrote about a blog post at Groov-E-News, official blog for Engrave-A-Crete that addresses the issues of increased shipping costs.

The main shipper, UPS, has changed some size regulations and the associated rates.  This move mostly affected the templates that Engrave-A-Crete produces for customers who are engraving as decorative concrete.

The templates must be cut into pieces for reasonable shipping at any time; someone noticed that by planning the cuts, the pieces could avoid falling into the oversized, premium category and be shipped for significantly less.  Meanwhile, when they get to the engraving site, they are still easy to assemble and use.

That’ good business to be thinking ahead for the benefit of customers.

Groov-E-News has a blog post about the benefits of regular, but simple maintenance for the tools.  Checking the brushes on the motors is something that can get missed, yet cause so much trouble.

Developing an oiling routine and a dusting schedule that is all part of the day was another recommendation.

Over at Concrete Dust, the take is a little more to the girls’ side of things with references to a make-up routine.  Something the engraver girls can relate to easily.

Concrete Dust wrote about a blog post on Groov-E-News regarding how to apply Inside Epoxy in decorative concrete projects.

The tip is to use a butter knife as an every day measuring gauge to get the proper thickness for the epoxy.  Too little epoxy can lead to flaws in the decorative concrete project and too much is just expensive and wasteful.

According to a new post at ConcreteDust you can see a video at Groov-e-News about the new decorative concrete engraving process being unveiled at the July Discover & Training Seminar conducted by Engrave-A-Crete at their Mansfield, Missouri facility

ConcreteDust says the process is a BLAST and was used to engrave the huge memorial plaque for Carl Mays being unveiled at the Freedom Celebration on June 26.