ConcreteDust has a new post about the advantages of having a booth at the  local farmers market in comment on another similar post from Groov-E-News/Engrave-A-Crete, entitled Seven Reasons to Farm the Farmers’ Market for Decorative Concrete.

Interesting take on the opportunities to meet people who could be prospective customers in a mini-trade show set up.  Good practice as well for when you take your booth to the big trade show.  You will be able to greet people and share your information  in a calm, cool, collected and professional way.

How often do you get a chance to make contact with potential customers and practice for future efforts.  Real on-the-job marketing experience.

ConcreteDust also mentions the ‘gain’ of being able to buy produce and other stuff at the farmers’ market!


A new post at Concrete Dust, entitled, Strike Up the Band And Get Your Decorative Concrete Biz in the Parade, talks about a post over at Groov-E-News entitled, Decorative Concrete Engraving and the 4th of July

The premise is that participating in events such as parades held in your decorative concrete service area can give you positive exposure to potential customers while they enjoy their celebration.

You can make a complicated float for the parade or you can use the ‘quick and dirty’ suggestions in the blog to become a self-contained parade float.  You can also participate in the sponsorship of prizes to event ‘royalty’ or winning parade floats.

Market or do without. It’s that simple.  Find ways to reach your potential customer and become a positive household word.


Concrete Dust scooped us again on a post at Groov-E-News mentioning several decorative concrete engravers who use Facebook successfully and vigorously to market their businesses and interact with customers.  That interaction is the stuff that business depth is built on.  Getting a one-time customer is fine, but developing a communicating relationship with as many as possible is terrific.


Concrete Dust wrote a post discussing information in a post at Groov-E-News about how decorative concrete contractors can and must use the internet to market their businesses and to serve their customers.   Time to come out of the days of carving your mission statement on a rock and get active with social media, plus keep all profiles up-to-date so peeps can find you.

Those people are going to be using smart phones and tablets as well as their main computers to get the information they need.  It is the decorative concrete engraver’s responsibility to get the information out there for the users who will become customers.  And to be ready to utilize the onilne work that present and past customers do for them when ‘talking’ about the work that was done on their plain, gray concrete.

Concrete Dust has a new post about the potential for using Facebook and other social media to market decorative concrete.

The point is made that social media marketing is involvement marketing, not the same as print or broadcast marketing where we pay for copy and delivery, but aren’t very close to the advertising action.

Concrete Dust posted a blog about information offered at Groov-E-News regarding Coomer Artistic Floors.  Coomer Artistic Floors made the classic flagstone pattern pop with dark charcoal to black colors and white trim.

According to Concrete Dust, the post about Coomer Artisitc Floors is part of a Case Study program that is a stand alone category at Groov-E-News, featuring engravers who use tools and supplies purchased from Engrave-A-Crete.

One of the benefits of the Case Study program is the promotion given to the engraver because contact information and links are included.

Concrete Dust just wrote a post talking about a new post at Groov-E-News and the benefits of using local networking organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce as marketing resources.

The word-of-mouth aspect of networking with other businesses in your area gives you an economical and effective marketing tool for yourself.   Some of the ‘cost’ is met when you meet other businesses whom you can hire yourself or refer.

ConcreteDust wrote a post about another post on Groov-E-News recommending ways that decorative concrete engravers can ask for referrals from satisfied customers.

People like to talk to others about good things they have done or beneficial choices they have made.  The savvy concrete engraver will ask a satisfied customer to refer other friends to the engraver.

Groov-E News, official blog for Engrave-a-Crete has been following all the possible options social media offers decorative concrete engravers when they are marketing their business.

We learned recently that engravers do ‘get’ it about using Social Media sites and tools. Twitter is something that presents a challenge because it seems kind of silly at the first looks. In Ten Twitter Mistakes Made by Businesses, Chip Cheagle discusses the opinions about how to post at Twitter, including how often. He refers to another article with which he disagrees heartily on several points. So, the discussion brings value in considering different choices and getting different points of view. Then, we can take a view of our own situation and apply what we can use.

Another Groov-E-News item talks about Online Reputation Management in Claiming Your Internet Territory. If we won’t get active and begin to post about our business, there is a great likelihood that someone who disagrees with our and our service will. That’s not a bad thing, especially if they have an issue that we should address. However, it is a rotten shame to let bad experiences be all that speaks for us online, with little evidence of our customer service policies or anything else about us.

Stay tuned for more about the benefits and maybe pitfalls awaiting excited decorative concrete engravers as they use social media and the internet to market their businesses. The marketing team at Engrave-A-Crete is committed to staying informed and sharing that information.

Engrave-A-Crete, Inc is always glad when decorative concrete engravers send images of the projects they have been working on.

Recently, Cesar Rodriguez emailed before and after photos of his work that we found very impressive.

Groov-E-News posted a blog entry withthumbnails of those particular picture and a link to Cesar’s website. The blog is entitled Decorative Concrete | Perris California

Groov-E-News writes marketing suggestions for decorative concrete engravers quite often. Cesar has shown how an engraver can take initiative and apply a budget by building a very appealing website using WebSiteTonight.